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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marked 5


Today was a reminder of why I love living in Los Angeles. I started my afternoon tasting another new craze of taco trucks. This one is Japanese-style burgers with a twist. Marked 5 stands for your 5 senses, touch, smell, feel, hearing and taste, Also each burger is $5 including tax and five people collaborated to make the idea happen. Marked 5 has been on the streets for 5 months and so far they have had a good response. They are mainly in the Venice area where they have received positive feedback which has helped in the process of improving the burger to what it is today. I was surprised that they did not have 5 burgers on the menu since 5 seems to be their theme.

Here are the burgers starting with the one I liked the best on down:

#1 Kastu burger: This was my favorite, a grilled rice bun and the crunchiness of the fried pork all came together well. The sauce was just an added bonus as it was tangy, slightly sweet and spicy.

Katsu pork

#2 Torakku V: Tofu patty, pan-fried served with special torakku marked V sauce and veggies with handmade rice bun. I liked this one better than the beef. The crew told me they make their own tofu and mix the cheese,veggies and spices. This made a big difference as it just added a whole new dimension to the tofu.


#3 Chicken Curry: Deep-fried chicken served with special marked 5 curry sauce, cabbage and homemade rice buns. The sauce was a slightly salty but hey I like salt and it could have been a bit more spicy.


#4 Torakku burger: 100% Angus beef marinated in Marked 5 secret Torakku sauce, romaine lettuce, veggies and homemade rice buns. While the sauce and meat were excellent I just couldn't get past the seaweed with my burger. I know it's Japanese with a twist but I didn't think it added value as it was kind of a pain because when I got to the end of the burger the seaweed was there wrapped around the rice bun and it was chewy.



The side items were shrimp chips and shrimp spring rolls. The chips added a nice crunch and the shrimp with spring onions was a perfect intermission from the burger show.
DSC03005 DSC03011

So the next time you're out and about and see a taco truck be adventurous and give them a try.

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Diana H said...

I hear there are taco trucks in Columbus that are pretty darn good too. Maybe worth a try.

Tina said...

Thanks for the heads up.