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Monday, May 30, 2011


Nespresso by foodblogz
Nespresso, a photo by foodblogz on Flickr.


No more weak or stale tasting espresso! I had the pleasure of attending the Nespresso event party in Los Angeles and as a coffee connisieur I was excited to say the least. I have had no luck with do-it-yourself espresso machines as they never extract the full flavor of the bean so, like most people, I frequent coffee shops. Well, no more after I was given a shot of the Nespresso grand cru. I was surprised because it had all the kick you need to start your day or to jolt your midday. It had a hint of chocolate, vanilla and caramel and the best thing, I can have this everyday in my home. The Prixie Nespresso is the smallest espresso machine that Nespresso makes.

Not only did I try the espresso this machine makes but I also enjoyed a cocktail made with espresso. I tried the Nespresso mojito and the Nespresso Martini and they were both very good. They are something I could see myself making for parties.

I liked everything about the Nespresso from the pre-packaged capsules to the slick compact design. No more mess with grinding my own coffee beans and I can have an espresso in less than a minute.
Ok so now I have to re-think this whole, “It’s easier for me to buy” attitude. This Nespresso delivers a great espresso with a push of a button and you don’t have to spend lots of money buying out.

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